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Pioneer the Possible

Sweden and Japan are joining forces to find new ways to tackle sustainability challenges

Japan and Sweden are committed to reduce CO₂ emissions in order to become carbon neutral by 2050 and 2045. This calls for stakeholders across disciplines to combine strengths and solve shared challenges. We need to connect with a diversity of partners to identify and grow the best new ideas. We need to pioneer the possible.

The time is now. We have entered a decisive decade to take action against global warming. If we want to have any chance to keep global warming to 1.5C, we need to cut emissions by half in the next eight years. 

Corporations are key to reaching this goal, and there are great opportunities for those who act now. The winners of tomorrow will be those who take leadership for a sustainable turnaround today. Companies who don’t act risk being left behind.

By working together, Swedish and Japanese companies can take leadership positions, strengthen their competitiveness and reduce their climate impact.

We are calling on all partners who want to join the fight against global warming. Together, let us Pioneer the Possible!

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