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Overall conclusions from the summit were that Japan’s green transition needs to speed up substantially and that addressing regulatory hurdles, promoting greater risk-taking and rewarding pioneers rather than protecting incumbent business models are keys to speeding it up.

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In the discussions on mobility, there was a consensus to speed up the electrification of corporate and logistic fleets and an imperative to cooperate among companies to reach that goal.


Many highlighted the necessity to speedily increase the number of high speed EV-charging stations to enable a speedy transition, especially in rural areas where high speed charging stations are rate.


Key ideas to strengthening the EV charging infrastructure in Japan that were brought up, included deregulation, increased supply of green energy through increased competition, development of new business models for charging stations and creation of regional show cases “Carbon neutral towns” outside the big cities.



In the breakout group discussing energy, there was a clear interest among participating companies to connect offices, shops and production units to renewable energy.


Many also perceived a difficulty to carry through such plans, finding few available green alternatives in the electricity market and company-owned solar cells not being enough.


Some companies called for governmental engagement in this issue, either in terms of market deregulation or rather “green regulation”, improving the conditions for making new renewable initiatives available.



The third group discussed options to accelerate carton packaging recycling in Japan.


There was a strong agreement that local authorities, such as municipalities and schools, are key actors who need to be engaged and incentivized in innovative ways to increase collection rates, reduce incineration and direct infrastructure investments. Participants want to work together to influence these in various ways.

Pioneers also need to step forward and innovate new application areas for the materials to increase their value, and thereby incentives for recyclers to accept the packaging materials. Given the complexity in the recycling value chain it's important to start small with good pilot cases, then scale up from there.



Pereric Högberg - Ambassador of Sweden to Japan

Takafumi Horii - President, AstraZeneca K.K.

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Opening remarks

Ryuji Satomi - Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, METI

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Keynote - The Time is Now

Tomas Kåberger - Executive Board Chairman, Renewable Energy Institute; Chair, Swedish Delegation for Circular Economy; Professor in Industrial Energy Policy and Director of the Energy Area of Advance at Chalmers University of Technology

Tomas Kåberger.jpg
Innovation - Tools for the Transition

Ai Ohara - Director, Japan Innovation Network

Pioneer the Possible - The 2022 Agenda

Mitsutake Yutaka - Sustainability Director, AstraZeneca K.K.

Martin Persson - Managing Director, Volvo Cars Japan

Yuko Ohmori - Sustainability Director, Tetra Pak K.K.

Toru Nozaki - President and Representative Director, Ericsson Japan

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Break-out group discussion sessions

Circularity - How to create a full-scale recycling value chain for carton packaging in Japan

Mobility - How to scale up availability of Electric Vehicle charging stations in Japan
Energy - How to enable the use of 100% climate-neutral energy in Japan

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Panel Discussion - From Vision to Reality

Panel discussion on how we can accelerate the green transition from four point of views: policy, technology, financing and new business models, and collaboration.

Participants - Tomas Kåberger, Renewable Energy Institute | David Hallgren, Einride | Luca Orsini, Ericsson Japan | Ai Ohara, Japan Innovation Network


Carsten Grönblad, Trade Commissioner, Business Sweden (Embassy of Sweden Commercial and Investment Office)

+ Dinner Reception

Dinner reception at the Embassy of Sweden, Roppongi

Transportation between AstraZeneca and the Embassy of Sweden will be arranged

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